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Loot Council

About Exiled

Exiled is a 10-man raiding guild formed by a small group of friends with the intent to create an environment where end game content could be downed without the expense of having a fun and laid back atmosphere.
We enjoy the high player accountability that comes with 10-man raiding, and expect applicants to be prepared to carry their weight.

Raid Schedule

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday 8-11pm EST (Subject to change). Mondays we use as a clean up day or fail-over for Thursday. Typically 2 hours from 8-11pm EST.
MANDATORY: Sign up for raid via calendar; otherwise, if you don't sign up we will assume you cannot make it and penalize on gear roll for next raid night, plus if its tentative, you must provide 2 hours prior to raid night attempt to ping an officer, whether you can show up or cannot.

Joining Exiled
Exiled is run by a dedicated group of officers that oversee the operation of the guild, and work to ensure the guild progresses through content in the quickest and most efficient way possible. With the assistance of the core of the guild, these officers handle everything from recruiting, and leading raids, to managing the guild bank and site.
Once a trial's application has been accepted they will be subject to a one month trial period. During this trial, the guild's officers and core raiders will review the player's skill, personality, and attitude to see if they have what it takes to become a raider. As a trial we expect 100% attendance. (And to be frank, as a raider we expect at least 90% attendance as well). We do accept part time raiders, but be aware if part time you will always take backseat to a full time raider.


Loot should be the last thing on any raiders mind. Our primary focus will always be progression, and we view loot as a tool to further it. Nothing more, nothing less. We run a loot council consisting of three veteran members. There isn't a lot of loot overlap in a 10-man, and we find this system more than fair.

Our loot Distribution spawns from Loot Council, which is highly used by many high-end guilds for progression in a 10-man raiding guild.

The following methodology to logically hand out loot is in the following format:

Main Spec > Off Spec > 1 loot per raid, per current raid week >= raid encounter history of current content > item level gear slot balance > /roll.

Let's look at an example below with a raid composition:

Protection Paladin (Main Tank), Blood Death Knight (OT with dps off spec), Resto Druid (main heals), Holy Priest (main heals), Holy Paladin (secondary healer with dps off spec), Warlock (DPS), Mage (DPS), Warrior (DPS), Shadow Priest (DPS), Feral Druid (DPS).

An Epic Ring drops with Int, Spirit, Crit stat on it that will make the following classes acceptable for loot > Resto Druid, Holy Priest, Holy Paladin, Shadow Priest.

IMPORTANT!!! Be mindful of your class weakest stat vs. other classes in the raid comp, for example:

Shadow Priest: Intellect > 15% Spell Hit (Hit | Spirit) > Haste > Crit > Mastery


Resto Druid: Spirit > Haste (Breakpoint) > Intellect > Mastery > Crit


Holy Paladin:  Spirit > Intellect > Mastery > Haste > Crit


Holy Priest:  Spirit > Intellect > Haste (Breakpoint) > Mastery > Crit

Looking above the Shadow Priest benefits the most as crit is a secondary important stat after haste; whereas, crit is the weakest stat for the other classes included in the example. This is critical, when the loot ditribution comes down to equally rolling for loot in the loot distribution methodology.

Main Spec over off Spec (its a main spec roll for all, but its always trickier with classes that has to play two roles, no control over it as some encounters requires a focus in specific areas like more healing or more dpsing) > Did any of these raiders had won loot prior to this boss in this current raid week? If so, they're OPT out, Did any of these raiders had won loot in current content expansion (last raid week) but the current rolling raiders has not? IF so, they're OPT out, if neither then it will result with linking current items to the raid chat and cross-reference item level: 463 vs 470 competing for 489 item level, we will consider the 463 item to be the bigger upgrade as providing more value; otherwise, if both items they have are equal item level 463 vs 463, then it will result in a /roll system and documented.


As a raider you're responsible to carry enough consumables to each raid night that includes flasks and potions. The raid feast will be provided by a veteran officer. Note: prepare ahead of raid night to acquire your flask, potions, and bring plenty for raid nights. We do provide unlimited repairs, including off nights. Additionally raiders can acquire about the available enchants, inscription shoulder enchants, legs enchants in the guild bank, please inquire this info with an officer. If you read this page in its entirety please include the word fuego in your application.

Boss Strategy

Refer to Blog section for Boss Strat.